The price of Tesla's electric SUV has crept up by up to $15,000 in just over 12 months.
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The price of the Tesla Model X in Australia has risen by almost $6000 in just two months, with the electric SUV range now starting from $157,418plus on-road costs and options – almost $15,000 more than it cost a year ago.

As of July 2020, pricing for the Tesla Model X in Australia starts from $157,418 plus on-road costs for the Long Range, and stretches to $176,918 plus on-road costs for the Performance flagship model (both including the non-negotiable online order fee of $150 and delivery fee of $1375).

These prices, introduced in May 2020, represent an increase of $5549 for the Long Range variant and $1649 for the Performance variant.

UPDATE: A previous version of this story stated that the Model X was priced from $159,555 plus on-road costs for the Long Range, and $179,055 for the Performance, but the supplied prices did not reflect recent changes to the luxury car tax (LCT) and, as such, have been amended accordingly. Similarly, it stated 2020 prices were a $30,000 increase of 2019 prices, but this was based on 2019 prices excluding LCT and has also been amended.

However, both prices also mark almost a $15,000 price rise compared to a little over year ago, when the Long Range variant was slashed to just $142,702 before on-road costs, or $161,942 before on-roads for the Performance variant, after Tesla announced it was ending its retail operations and moved to predominantly online sales.

Tesla customarily does not do annual "model year" updates, instead it often upgrades its cars via wifi and, as such, its incremental pricing and specification changes can be harder to track.

The Model X Long Range has a range of 580km according to NEDC testing, a top speed of 250km/h and a 0-100km/h time of 4.6 seconds.

Comparatively, the higher spec Performance variant offers 553km of range (NEDC), the same top speed and a much faster 0-100km/h sprint of 2.8 seconds. The Performance variant also comes equipped with Ludicrous mode, which boosts acceleration.

The Model X range offers Tesla's Autopilot system as standard – enabling the vehicles to steer, accelerate and brake automatically for pedestrians and other cars – but full self-driving capability is an extra cost option.

Both variants in the Model X range are all-wheel-drive – courtesy of two electric motors which digitally control torque to the front and rear wheels – and receive Tesla's adaptive air suspension.

As standard, the Model X seats five people, but can be optioned with six or seven seats at an extra cost, while an all-black interior also comes standard on both variants.

2020 Tesla Model X prices*

  • Model X Long Range – $157,418
  • Model X Performance – $176,918

* Prices include luxury car tax and GST but exclude on-road costs, Tesla delivery fee and Tesla order fee.