Owners of Model Xs have been filmed in Dubai using a unique feature of Tesla cars.
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A video has emerged showing a group of Tesla Model X SUVs flapping their doors in what could almost be considered a performance.

Posted on Instagram by user @khalidfaisal, the owners are utilising a (not-so) secret feature known as the Holiday Light Show.

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The Holiday Light Show utilises arguably the Model X's mode unique feature: the Falcon Wing doors, which are roof-hinged yet designed to operate in a way that does not require any more clearance than a normal car door.

These kinds of fun and interesting features are called Easter Eggs, so called because users are encouraged to find them, just like an Easter egg hunt. The practice began on early computer games, but gained widespread popularity in DVD menus of the 2000s.

Tesla Roadster and Cybertruck in Sydney

Meanwhile, a tech-savvy Tesla fan has created a life-like movie clip of Tesla's forthcoming Roadster and Cybertruck speeding through Sydney.

Slav Popovski is a video effects producer who shares his work on his Instagram account, and among our favourites is this vision of how these two new Tesla models would look on our local roads.

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Just in case you spot it anywhere else, it's worth noting that, as convincing as it is, it's the work of science fiction – for now.

Last week CarAdvice reported that the Tesla Roadster can be reserved in Australia with a deposit of $66,000. A far-cry from the $1500 deposit originally needed to reserve the Tesla Model 3.