Attacking a brand new Bentley Continental GT Supersports with any kind of tool takes some dedication, especially if you're trying to make it better. But that's exactly what Anderson Germany has done right here, and succeeded.
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The standard Supersports is a glamorous, stately machine but if anything was to be criticised, it'd be the look. It kind of looks a little bit like a bar of soap. Majestic soap, nonetheless, it's still soap. The team at Anderson Germany have fixed that though by extending the body kit and giving it pumped guards.

From the front, the Supersports by Anderson Germany gets an entirely new front bumper bar showing much more aggressive vents and angles. It's also wedge shaped to push air up and over the car during high speeds.

The rear also gets some aggressive aerodynamic attention in the form of a carbon diffuser and boot spoiler. There's also a new shiny quad-pipe exhaust system poking in between the DTM-style rear splitter fins.

Inside gets a makeover too, incorporating a newly-covered steering wheel, door trims and seats, all in Alcantara and leather.

Those who feel, or don't feel, enough power from the standard Supersports engine will be satisfied to know the Anderson team also modifies the engine computer, air induction components and fits a valve-controlled, higher-flowing exhaust system, which adds an additional 48kW; totaling 518kW.

All in all, the company will be selling just 300 of them to some very rich buyers.