Hyundai will expand its hot-hatch line-up next year with a rival to the Ford Fiesta ST, VW Polo GTI and Suzuki Swift Sport.
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The Hyundai i20N hot hatch has been confirmed for Australia, due in local showrooms next year, however pricing and technical details are yet to be announced.

Hyundai of Europe has been teasing the arrival of the i20N hot hatch and disguised examples have been caught on camera testing on the Nurburgring.

However, mystery still surrounds what will power the Hyundai i20N hot hatch.

CarAdvice has previously speculated it could be powered by an uprated version of the company’s 1.6-litre turbo four cylinder engine matched to a six-speed manual.

We’re not sure if a twin-clutch auto will be available from the get-go, not available at all, or introduced at a later date, as per the staggered introduction of the Hyundai i30N auto (due late this year after some delays).

Based on comments in the teaser videos released earlier this year, we’re guessing the Hyundai i20N has some advanced traction control and stability control settings – and a bi-modal exhaust or some kind of sound enhancer – as per its bigger brother, the Hyundai i30N.