Goodbye hatch style, hello to... a crossover SUV that Citroen insists on calling a hatch. Well, all right then.
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The new 2021 Citroen C4 has now properly stepped over into SUV territory, leaving behind two generations of the badge's history as a conventional hatch offering.

In its new third-generation form, the C4 takes the place of the high-riding DS4 that no longer exists as a direct member of the Citroen brand line, along with the C4 Cactus – which is not expected to be resurrected.

Interestingly, Citroen officially calls the new C4 a hatchback, but its taller-than-usual suspension setup and black cladding would see it described as a crossover or small SUV in any other line-up. (We'll have to see how it's classified in VFACTS when, or if, it comes to Australia.)

To its credit, Citroen has not revived the C4 Aircross name, last seen on a re-styled Mitsubishi ASX. (The Aircross name continues with the C3 and C5 models, however.)

Full details on the new model will come later this month, but for now Citroen has released a handful of images for the new petrol and diesel C4, and its electric e-C4 sibling.

Citroen says the new C4 "plays with several design codes", marking the beginning of a new era in the brand's styling direction.

We got an early look at this approach with the facelifted C3 in February, which hooked the lower portion of its chrome garnish down into the main driving lights. The same effect has been executed here, albeit in a more extreme fashion.

The new C4, if we continue to consider it a crossover or SUV (two terms which have plenty of crossover of their own), features the coupe-like shape that has appeared on a number of SUVs in recent years.

The tapered roofline terminates at a high rear deck with a butterfly wing-like design to the tail lamps, while another unique styling decision flies in the form of a flat surface protruding out of the door skin behind the front wheel arch.

Love it or hate it, this writer is inclined to applaud Citroen for committing once again to striving for a unique look all its own.

Inside, the C4 keeps things simple with a fairly conventional dash design, topped by a large and heavily angled display.

Watch for more details and images to be released in the coming weeks, along with word on its Australian potential.