Subaru Forester leads sales for September 2010

According to the latest September VFACTS figures, overall Subaru sales have increased by 10.6 percent this month compared to the same time last year - going from 2807 sales to 3105. Subaru's latest overall figures led by the Subaru Forester, which contributed 1330 units.
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The Subaru Forester made up 13.3 percent of the market share in the compact SUV segment too, placing it in second position behind the Toyota RAV4 in market share which was sold to 1400 buyers. Mazda's CX-7 took up third position in market share, it was sold to 1076 buyers.

Other cars Subaru sold well last month included the Subaru Impreza, which made up 1001 of the total Subaru sales. This figure was up by 133 units compared to August 2010, and up by 301 compared to the same month last year. The Subaru Impreza took up sixth position in market share, behind Mazda's popular Mazda3, which was sold to 3878 buyers, and the Toyota Corolla, which was sold to 3316 buyers.

Subaru's popular Liberty model failed to secure more sales than the same month last year though, selling 384 units compared to 556 of September 2009. This is odd, especially as the Liberty was sold to 429 people in August 2010, but was then sold to just 269 buyers in August 2009, making for a completely random sales chart.

Other interesting sales facts from Subaru were the Subaru Tribeca sales. These were up by 126.7 percent compared to the same month last year, contributing 68 units to Subaru's overall sales for September 2010.