US authorities revise range certification for the Model S Long Range Plus, achieving 402 miles on one charge.
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The 2020 Tesla Model S Long Range Plus has now been certified with a driving range of 647 kilometres, up from 629 kilometres.

The additional eighteen kilometres might not sound like much, but that extra range represents an important milestone for the electric-car maker – translating to more than 400 miles of range. It makes it the first electric vehicle in the US to have achieved that milestone.

The official figure from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) comes after Tesla founder Elon Musk publicly denounced the agency for leaving the key in the test car and the door open during testing earlier this year.

Those minor actions drained the battery by 2 per cent and led to an original certification of 391 miles (629 kilometres).

Despite the EPA initially denying the allegations, the Model S Long Range Plus has now been re-certified to 402 miles (647 kilometres) by the agency.

This means that the Tesla could theoretically be driven from the Tesla Destination Charger in Market Street, Wollongong, to the Tesla Destination Charger at the Park Beach Plaza in Coffs Harbour on a single charge.

It's expected that all Tesla Model S Long Range vehicles manufactured from February have the 647km capability.

In Australia the Model S is advertised as having a 713km range, however this is based on the NEDC testing procedure which is considered by many to be unrepresentative of real-world driving conditions.