Here’s proof that tough truck looks sell pick-ups, as fans in Thailand mould F-150 Raptor kits onto the Ford Ranger. 
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Why on earth didn’t Ford think of this genius idea?

The call for a right-hand-drive Ford F-150 Raptor has finally been answered – sort of – thanks to a group of enthusiasts who have grafted look-a-like kits onto Ford Ranger utes.

TTN Hypersport in Thailand has come up with the kits using a combination of fibreglass and polycarbonate bolt-on bodywork to transform humble Ford Ranger pick-ups into F-150 Raptor monster trucks.

While it is unclear if Ford approves of or endorses the major surgery, you can’t help but admire the dedication and attention to detail.

The entire front end bodywork is either replaced our moulded over, and the ute tub gets the same treatment.

Special attention has gone into copying the headlight and grille designs, front bumper, and tail-light layout.

Even the tailgate gets a similar moulding to the real-deal F-150 Raptor.

The only clues that this is not the genuine article (to the untrained eye at least) are the cabin doors which remain largely unchanged.

Pimping them out with jacked up suspension and over-sized wheels and tyres also helps the disguise.

The Facebook page for TTN Hypersport doesn’t go into too much detail, but the pictures tell the story and show how the vehicles are transformed.

If ever there was a message to Ford – and every other ute manufacturer for that matter – that design is king when it comes to pick-ups, then this surely is a prime example.

Now, for TTN Hypersport to start offering the F-150 Raptor kits for Ford Rangers in Australia …