The already five-star-awarded Audi A4 has just been upgraded to Euro NCAP's 'Advanced' status at the Paris Motor Show in recognition of its Side Assist technology.
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The NCAP team all agreed the Audi Side Assist is a technology that does help reduce the chances of a car accident by alerting the driver of hazardous situations.

Audi's Side Assist technology alerts the driver by communicating any external movement behind the rear corners of the car. Using sensors, the on-board computer can tell if a car is in the blind spot and can also recognise a fast approaching car, for instance, coming down the overtaking lane on a motorway.

If a car is in the blind spot or approaching, the system will notify the driver through the use of a series of flashing LED lights located on the corresponding side mirror. If the driver then activates the indicator turn signal whilst another vehicle is still in the blind spot, the LED lights become very bright and quite obvious to the driver to help deter the lane change.

Dr. Ulrich Widmann, Head of Vehicle Safety Development at AUDI AG, said about the NCAP award,

"Passive and active safety systems have reduced the number of accidents and their effects. The 'Euro NCAP Advanced' award for the Audi A4 confirms our approach to increasing convenience and safety with active driver assistance systems."

The Audi Side Assist system is available on all Audi models except on the A1 and A3 range.