2011 Volkswagen Beetle spy shots

Recent spy shots have emerged showing the new 2011 Volkswagen Beetle wearing very little camouflaging. The car appears to use a similar side profile to the Volkswagen Ragster Concept car unveiled a few years ago.
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Sporting a lower 'chop-top' roof design the new Beetle will mimic shapes more oriented to the original Beetle. The front bar also features new grilles and vents, with additional corner vents and new headlights.

From the side we can see the new Beetle features squared-off window frames on the front doors, with a straighter window edge along the top. There's also indicator lights added into the side mirror casings.

The rear of the new Beetle is more rounded compared to the existing model. There's also more pronounced front guards.

From this angle we can also see the rear bumper contains a small vent, like a rear diffuser, in between new rear reflectors or lights, likely to be fog lights.

Rumours say the new Volkswagen Beetle will debut in the US in January 2011, while other reports say it will be unveiled at the Geneva show in March, 2011. We'll keep you updated nonetheless.