2011 BMW X1 M-Sport spy shots

If you're slightly bored by the new BMW X1 but still like the overall personality of the car then this is for you. Recently caught in Europe out on a road test, it's the new BMW X1 M-Sport.
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We can see by these images the new car receives various accents and sporty additions typical of the BMW M Division.

From the front it seems there's a new, more aggressive bumper bar with a large, wider air intake and black meshing at the bottom, behind the disorienting camouflage.

There also seems to be new side skirts fitted, evident only by the need for BMW to use disorienting paint work. We're guessing the side extensions will be bodywork coloured as opposed to the current black and silver sill panels.

We're not sure what sort of performance offering the new model will come with, expect sports suspension, 'M' badged sports steering wheel, bespoke alloy wheels, and various sporty interior trimmings though.

The rear end is more aggressive, like the front, and is likely to be body coloured as opposed to the current black and silver two-tone plastic arrangement the current X1 presents.

Although there's no sign of a rear diffuser or anything dramatic like that, it does show a twin outlet exhaust muffler which could be connected to a complete sports twin exhaust system.

BMW will present the new BMW X1 M-Sport at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2011.