Honda's latest safety technology application has gained the company rewards from Euro NCAP Advanced at the current Paris Motor Show. The NCAP 'Advanced' reward was given to Honda for its Collision Mitigation Brake System.
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Honda's Collision Mitigation Brake System technology uses sensors to detect moving or stationary vehicles up to 100-metres away, traveling in the same direction. If the car continues on the path towards the car in front, the Honda CMBS computers initiate a three-stage emergency process once the car is front is less than three seconds away.

The first stage of the process alerts the driver via lights and visuals on the dash display as well as beeps and sounds. If the driver continues on the path towards the car in front, and less than two seconds gap is reached, the CMBS will initiate a second sequence. Once this is engaged, the driver's seat belt is tensioned up and tugged on three times and the brakes automatically begin to slow the car.

If still there is no input from the driver, the CMBS will initiate the third and final stage which tensions up both front seat belts and applies emergency braking, although the driver can push the brake pedal even further to supplement the avoidance.

Honda says all of this can be reversed though through driver input. If for instance the car in front suddenly changes direction or changes lanes and is thus out of harms way, the CMBS will relieve all systems and sounds and the car continues as normal.

It's quite an innovative system and the Euro NCAP team have awarded the Honda CMBS technology 'Advanced' recognition for the proven safety benefits.