New STi beats Evo X around track

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New STi beats Evo X around track
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With both the new STi and Evo X out and about in Japan, the motoring journos are going frantic trying to work out which one is faster on track.

Tsukuba race track regulars Kazuo Shimizu and Manabu Kawaguchi tested both cars continuously for CAR Top magazine and the results are in. The twisty short circuit is suited to the AWD monsters with quick acceleration and high speed cornering a prerequisite for success.

The drivers managed the following best times for the two cars.

  1. Subaru Impreza WRX STI : 1:05:95
  2. Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X : 1:06:46

According to the report the Evo X suffers from the engine placed slightly further forward in the engine bay than its predecessor. Meanwhile the new STi's double wishbone rear suspension has got the thumbs up.

Evo X .vs. STi

But here is the big news, in a sign that cars are getting too sophisticated for their own good, both new rally kings are slower than their predecessors. Track times for the previous models follow:

  • EVO / STI
  • 2006 1:05:07 / 1:04:72
  • 2005 1:04.88 / 1:04:17
  • 2003 1:05:30 / 1:04:69
  • 2001 1:05:17 / 1:06:56
  • 1998 1:04:69 / 1:06:73
  • 1996 1:07:00 / 1:05:92
  • 1994 1:06:52 / 1:06:26
  • 1992 1:10:90 / 1:07:99

We also managed to source a video showing a Manual EVO X .vs. SST EVO X .vs. EVO IX .vs. 2007 STi .vs. R35 Skyline Coupe:

The results go

  1. Evo IX
  2. STi
  3. Evo X Manual
  4. Evo X SST
  5. Skyline