Local police were somewhat unforgiving in their appraisal of the accident.
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Local police in the United Kingdom have mocked the owner of a McLaren 570S who crashed the expensive supercar into a brick wall in the county of Surrey.

On June 1, 2020, the Twitter account for the Surrey Police road unit shared a photo of the incident, revealing the driver was travelling in a 40mph (64km/h) zone when the crash occurred.

"Somehow the driver of this McLaren couldn’t keep the car on the straight road in a 40 limit. Investigations continue..." they captioned the photo, adding a series of emojis with raised eyebrows.

"Investigation completed. Wasn’t much to investigate," they added later.

"Oops! He clearly ran out of talent," one Twitter user responded, to which the police account replied: "If he had any at all."

Thankfully, police said no one was harmed in the crash and responded to a Twitter user who asked if anyone was hurt by writing: "No, just pride thankfully."

One person defended the driver, arguing "it doesn’t take much of a press on the loud pedal" to lose control of a car with so much horsepower.

However, the Surrey Police account quickly shot back: "Having driven cars with more power and definitely more power to weight...the ‘skill’ of not stamping down on the Go pedal is a very basic one…even more so on a warm, dry evening."

The 570S in question looked to be a write-off, with Twitter users noting that an unfortunately-placed pole had wreaked havoc on the supercar's bonnet.

The scattered bricks from the collapsed wall also suggest the vehicle may have been travelling at speed when the impact occurred, although local police haven't shared any further information on what caused the incident.

A model-year 2019 McLaren 570S is priced from $395,000 plus on-road costs in Australia. The car is powered by a 419kW/600Nm twin-turbo 3.8-litre V8 engine and is capable of completing a 0-100km/h sprint in 3.2 seconds.

The impressive power-to-weight ratios boasted by McLaren cars can sometimes land their owners in trouble. In May 2020, the American driver of a McLaren 600LT found themselves in strife when their car was swept away while driving through rising floodwaters in South Carolina.