Leaked patent drawings show Bentley is working on a steering wheel that tucks away on autonomous cars.
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British luxury brand Bentley has filed a patent application for a steering wheel that is able to be moved out of the way on self-driving cars.

Patent images of the radical design first surfaced on US forum Cybertrucktalk, showing a hinged mechanism that allows the ‘wheel’ to swing.

The mechanism allows the controls to occupy the position of a conventional steering wheel or retract into a recess in the driver’s door.

“It is desirable to provide an alternative steering control unit for an autonomous vehicle which can be moved between operative and stowed positions,” the patent states.

On the wheel itself are two grips with triggers that allow manual operation of the vehicle.

It’s likely the new steering wheel design will find its way onto the EXP 100 GT – a concept car Bentley revealed last year, claiming it would be autonomous self-driving capable.