BMW's bravely styled 4er will make its global debut online ahead of Australian debut.
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A flood of spy photos and leaks have ensured there is little left to see of the new 2021 BMW 4 Series, but today brings a first official teaser – and confirmation of its unveiling date.

As with all brands working through the COVID-19 lockdown, BMW will give its new mid-sized coupe an online unveiling, to be streamed live at

The official date and time is Tuesday June 2 at 6pm, Central European Summer Time. That converts to Wednesday June 3 at 2am, Australian Eastern Standard Time.

You could be forgiven for not staying up late (or waking early) to watch the event, but if you're keen to see the new 4er's polarising 'bucktoothed' grille in its first official presentation, this will be the time.

As revealed through those earlier leaks and spy photos, the face of the new 4 Series will deviate from the look of its 3 Series companion with that unique grille and a more aggressive headlight shape. It is known, however, that the new M3 sedan will adopt this same look.

For the rest of our coverage on the new 4 Series, hit the links below, and stay tuned for the big reveal story next week.

When will the 2021 BMW 4 Series come to Australia?

BMW is yet to confirm local timing for the new 4, but we expect to know more when the car is revealed next week. A late 2020 launch would seem likely, however.