This chunky little Pug is known as the Peugeot HR1 and it has just been publicly unveiled at the Paris Show. It showcases Peugeot HYbrid4 technology, claiming fuel consumption figures of 2.9L/100km, and a very futuristic design inside and out.
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Peugeot's HYbrid4 concept uses a 1.2-litre petite petrol engine offering a not-bad 81kW, but, it also incorporates an electric motor which adds up to 28kW, and 20kW of continuous power. It also brings an extra 100-200Nm of torque, so it would be capable of not only driving up hills but also capable of pulling itself out of some pretty sticky mess.

The main focus of the design concentrates on maintaining sustainable mobility whilst combining an appealing, usable foundation; all it spews out the exhaust at the back is 80 grams of CO2 per kilometre. The other obvious feature is the car's exterior design. Inspired to be a city runabout, a sporty coupe and an off-road vehicle all in one. It does this as well as being very modern and sharp.

It's also designed to maximise cabin space efficiency, too. With the seats folded down it offers 734 litres of boot space, not bad for a little coupe/soft-roader.

The interior features very futuristic ergonomics and in-car technology. Just take a look at those seats. And then of course, the multimedia display screen on the passenger side. We're not sure about the steering though, it looks and would probably feel a bit too arcade-gaming from the 1990's.

It's certainly a very interesting design; very French.