Pininfarina, the famous Italian automotive designer and design house, is currently celebrating its 80th birthday. One way to celebrate was unveil a special edition Ferrari SA APERTA. Another way was to present this; the Pininfarina Nido EV concept.
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Although there aren't immediate plans for production, the super sleek Italian electric vehicle is currently looking for someone, or collectively, something, to buy the production rights for it and turn it into a market vehicle.

In prototype form, it features a tubular trellis frame but in production form it will lend itself well to an aluminium space frame - a bit like a racing car. This means it can be very light in weight aiding efficiency.

The mini car, or city car, displaces just 2.9 metres in length and 1.68 metres in width - smart fortwo is 2.69 metres and 1.56 metres respectively. So it's definitely petite enough to be an eco-friendly city runabout.

Power comes from a Zebra Z5 sodium-nickel battery with a claimed range of around 140km. All it needs now is some backing and a badge of some sort... and a more comforting interior.