Turkish authorities are pursuing charges against people who allegedly assisted the former Nissan chairman in his dramatic escape from Japan.
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Turkish prosecutors have prepared charges against seven people in relation to former Nissan chairman Carlos Ghosn’s escape from Japanese authorities while under house arrest in Tokyo.

Mr Ghosn escaped Japan in December 2019 – while under house arrest for charges of under-reporting pay and misusing company funds while at Nissan – by hiding in an ‘instrument box' shipped to Lebanon via Turkey.

The indictment charges four pilots and a company executive involved in the escape with ‘migrant smuggling’ and was accepted by an Istanbul court last week. The maximum prison sentence for the charge is eight years.

Charges of failing to report a crime were also laid against two flight attendants, reported respected industry journal Automotive News Europe.

MNG Jet, the operator of the planes allegedly used in the escape, said its aircrafts had been used illegally and that records had been tampered with by an employee to remove Mr Ghosn's name.

Turkish authorities have claimed they were not properly notified of Mr Ghosn entering or exiting Istanbul on his way to Lebanon.

Mr Ghosn’s escape followed claims of “conspiracy” and a “rigged justice system” in Japan made by the former chairman after he had been stood down and repeatedly charged.

In February this year, Nissan pursued damages of 10 billion yen (AU$143 million) against Mr Ghosn.

The Japanese car giant had allegded the loss came “as a result of years of misconduct and fraudulent activity” on Mr Ghosn’s behalf.