Tall grass caught under the exhaust pipe could spark a fire.
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Toyota Australia has issued a recall for 22,971 of its LandCruiser 70 Series models built between 13 June 2016 and 5 November 2018 due to an increased risk of fire.

Toyota’s recall says that – due to the design of the exhaust pipe heat shield – vegetation may accumulate during off-road usage if the debris is not routinely removed.

Australian-delivered cars have caught on fire, with a Toyota Australia spokesperson telling CarAdvice: "There have been some reports of minor incidents underneath vehicles. However, these were contained quickly."

The grass fire risk is similar to a recall issued for the Ford Ranger two years ago.

Toyota says it will fix the issue by replacing the exhaust pipe heat shielding on affected cars with a modified design.

Further to this, Toyota will enable a manual DPF regeneration mode, allowing owners to do a DPF burn-off in a safe location away from tall grass or other vegetation. Toyota expects the recall work will take approximately three hours on each vehicle.

Toyota Australia is contacting owners of affected vehicles via SMS, email or postal mail.

Vehicle identification numbers of the 22,971 cars included in the recall can be found below.

Owners of affected vehicles can contact Toyota Australia on 1800 987 366.