Hyundai’s next-generation electric car has been testing in Germany ahead of its showroom arrival next year.
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Hyundai’s next electric car has been caught on camera while testing near the company’s German engineering centre at the Nurburgring.

The photos show a production-ready body, meaning the Hyundai 45 electric car will likely be in European showrooms some time next year.

The Hyundai 45 electric car is yet to be confirmed for Australia, however local representatives have repeatedly expressed interest in any future models.

Although the prototype is covered in camouflage, it is clear the Hyundai 45 electric car has adopted the boxy styling of the concept vehicle unveiled at last year’s Frankfurt motor show.

UPDATE: We've updated this story with new photos that show the 45 in new lightweight camouflage that reveals more of its final lines.

At the time, Hyundai did not disclose key details such as driving range or its likely performance.

Indeed, the concept vehicle had front seats that could swivel to face rearwards, to prepare for fully autonomous tech. It is unlikely the production version will have this feature given that the automotive industry has pumped the brakes on the rollout of fully autonomous tech for now.

However, it was noted at the time that the design of the concept car was inspired by one of Hyundai’s earlier models, the box-shaped Pony hatchback from the 1970s.

Looking to the past when mapping out models of the future seems to a theme with electric cars.

Volkswagen is poised to introduce an electric version of the modern Kombi, Ford is working on a Mustang-inspired electric SUV, and the new Fiat 500 will be an electric only proposition.