The electric-car specialist will move the Cybertruck higher up the priority list once COVID-19 lockdowns are over.
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Tesla boss Elon Musk has hit the brakes on the next-generation Roadster in an attempt to get the Cybertruck on the road sooner and prioritise other projects.

However, the outspoken Tesla boss did not outline when the Cybertruck might arrive in showrooms or confirm if the production version will look like the controversial wedged-shaped concept vehicle unveiled last year.

In a two-hour interview with comedian Joe Rogan in the US late last week – on the same podcast Musk smoked marijuana in September 2018 – the Tesla boss said other vehicles would arrive in showrooms before the Roadster.

After the podcast host asked Musk when he could buy a new Tesla Roadster, Musk said there were other priorities such as ramping up production of the new Model Y compact SUV and a building a new car factory in Germany.

“Roadster is kind of like dessert,” said Musk. “We gotta get the meat and potatoes and greens and stuff.”

Musk also said Tesla planned to put the Cybertruck into production before the Roadster.

In 2017 Tesla announced it would introduce a new four-seat Roadster and claimed it would be “faster than any street-legal production car”.

While Tesla never outlined a showroom arrival date, there was speculation it might go on sale by the end of 2020 after a revised Tesla Model S sedan, the Reuters news agency reported.

Meanwhile, other reports out of the US claim Musk's latest comments mean the Tesla Cybertruck will likely go into production in 2021 and the Roadster may be pushed back to 2022, however the arrival timing for either vehicle has not been confirmed.