The child stopped by cops after trying to drive his parent’s car from Utah to California has been given a free ride in a Lamborghini after an owner was “impressed by his determination”.  
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The five-year-old boy who stole his parent’s car earlier this week – and attempted to drive from Utah to California to buy a Lamborghini even though his feet could barely touch the pedals – has had his wish come true.

While Adrian Flores has been grounded after being stopped by the Utah highway patrol just three miles from home – and with just $US3 in his pocket – he got to ride in a real Lamborghini the day after the incident received global media attention.

The owner of a black Lamborghini Huracan, Jeremy Nevis, drove from California to Utah 24 hours after the five-year-old was stopped by police for weaving on the highway, to take young Adrian Flores for a joy ride.

“I don’t want to condone kids taking cars and getting in trouble or breaking the law, but the success principles that he displayed were magnificent to me,” Nevis told US media.

Adrian Flores grabbed the keys to his parent’s car after his sister fell asleep while minding him. Utah police are yet to confirm if any charges will be laid against the boy, his parents, or the carer.

“He’s always said he wanted to go to California to buy (a Lamborghini) but … we never thought it would be the next day,” sister Sidney Flores told US media.

Adrian Flores, who must mow the lawn as part of his punishment, got a break from chores and was allowed to take a brief joyride in the Lamborghini V10.

Sitting on the lap of a family member during the joyride, it’s unclear however if Adrian Flores was wearing a seatbelt and whether he is now at risk of getting in trouble with the law once again.

US TV reports said Adrian Flores is obsessed with Lamborghinis and watches videos of them for hours each day.

One TV report said the family has already received an offer from an unnamed California business to give Adrian Flores a chance to get behind the wheel of a Lamborghini – in controlled conditions on a private road and under strict supervision.

Here's the TV news clip with Adrian Flores getting a joyride in a real Lamborghini:

Here's the TV news clip showing Adrian Flores getting busted by police just three miles from home: