BMW Group has achieved top honours in a recent study by the German car club Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil Club (ADAC) - also known as the third largest automobile club in the world - in a recent reliability survey.
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The ADAC undertook studies to find the most reliable car brand out there by analysing over two million break-down call-outs. The study found BMW was the most reliable brand in two different categories as well as picking up a second and third in other categories. BMW was also named by the car club the most reliable overall brand.

There are a lot of variables to these results, such as; the owners of these cars. Perhaps BMW drivers are more prone to having their car serviced regularly. Also, perhaps BMW drivers are more gentle with their car. Either way, this study does strongly suggest that BMW cars could be more reliable than other makes, especially after taking on board over two million break down incidents.

The study took statistics from the frequency of break downs recorded from 2004 to 2009. It's an easy approach to finding the most reliable car and understandably, BMW is happy to receive the accolades. Managing Director of BMW Group Australia, Stavros Yallouridis, recently said,

"These results are especially pleasing for us, as all BMW Group models have been recognised as highly reliable, which in turn significantly enhances resale values."

BMW highlights within the results include:

– Class victory in the “small cars” category: MINI (last year: second place)
– Class victory in the “offroader/SUV” class: BMW X3 (best-in-class for the fourth year running)
– Second place in the “offroader/SUV” class: BMW X5 (last year: fifth)
– Second place in the “executive car” class: BMW 3 Series (last year: third)
– Third place in the “small family car” class: BMW 1 Series (last year: third)