Ford Motor Company has announced it is planning to reduce the showroom lineup to 30 and eventually down to 25 and 20 in the future. Ford CEO, Allan Mulally recently spoke about the company direction in Europe prior to visiting the Paris Motor Show later this week.
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This is all apart of Ford's plans to focus on improving the quality on all of its models by zooming in on fewer models. Ford Motor Company CEO, Allan Mulally, recently answered a question about the lineup direction, saying,

"There will be less than 30, on our way to 20 to 25. Fewer brands means you can put more focus into improving the quality of engineering."

Ford's plans have long since been to reduce and simplify the lineup since 2006, when it was offering 97 different models. This included those from the luxury brands Aston Martin, Volvo and Land Rover though, companies of which have since been sold off.

The company also plans to simplify specific models by fitting a large percentage of the same parts throughout the range. Mulally said that this would help with distribution, and also help Ford store owners, suppliers, employees and customers know exactly what they are getting.