The 400kmh-plus supercar has been recreated out of cardboard boxes and a wire frame. And it drives ... on pedal power.
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A Bugatti Chiron has been cobbled together out of cardboard boxes and a wire frame by a couple of keen car enthusiasts in Vietnam.

And best of all, it actually drives. Well, rolls, thanks to pedal power and a chain drive.

The cardboard Bugatti Chiron was built in a back yard earlier this year, but it has only come to the attention of the rest of the world in the past week or so.

The two car enthusiasts worked day and night on their Bugatti Chiron tribute, using detailed photos of a real one to get their imitation model as accurate as cardboard allows.

The doors open, however unlike the real Bugatti Chiron, the cardboard pedal car has a central seating position and the driver’s head must poke through the open windscreen.

Video shows the pair used discarded TV packaging to make their 'car' based on a thin wire frame. The wheels and tyres appear to be from a small tractor.

It is not clear whether the cardboard Bugatti Chiron is still in, er, one piece two months after its creation.

But it certainly made us smile to see what’s possible with limited resources and a lot of time. We also admired the detail around the grille, headlights, tail-lights, and rear engine cover.

The real Bugatti Chiron – powered by an 8.0-litre quad-turbocharged W12 with an output of 1100kW/1600Nm – has a top speed restricted to 420kmh and can do the 0 to 100kmh dash in a claimed 2.4 seconds. It costs €2.4 million ($AUD4.1 million) before taxes and customers must place a €200,000 ($AUD341,000) deposit.

A special Bugatti Chiron “Super Sport 300 Plus” edition is said to be capable of a 483kmh (300mph) top speed. Just 30 will be built.

Here is the video below, so you can see the cardboard Bugatti Chiron masterpiece for yourself: