Ferrari has released images of an upcoming special 599 roadster that is said to debut at the Paris Motor Show next week, called the Ferrari SA APERTA.
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The car will go into production, but the line will be restricted to just 80 units so it looks like it's going to be a very special, and presumably expensive, model. But check out these images, who cares how much it costs, it's glorious.

Featuring a mostly Ferrari 599 body, the car was designed by the aesthetic R&D establishment known as Pininfarina. The production line of '80' units also celebrates the design studio's 80th birthday. Also, the name of the car is attributed to the design factory's current owners, 'SA', standing for Sergio and Andrea Pininfarina whose father and grandfather established the company 1930.

Fitted with a 500kW V12 engine, the roadster will be a thrilling and elegant machine in all respect. With its twin roll bars placed behind the occupant's heads and low-rake windscreen for the ultimate sleek drive, it's definitely a looker. We're not completely sure on the silver bits though, but that's just nitpicking.

Sure to be a hit at the upcoming Paris show, we can only imagine what sort of price tag this thing would have attached to it. Again, who cares, it's the looks that matter.