Mercedes continues its roll-out of electric cars, testing a sleek sedan due in showrooms in 2022.
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The Mercedes EQS electric limousine has been caught on camera again, this time testing during the tail-end of the European winter.

The spy photos show the Mercedes EQS will stay true to the sleek, futuristic and rounded design of the Mercedes EQS concept car that was unveiled at last year’s Frankfurt Motor Show.

While the prototype appears to be using production-ready bodywork, CarAdvice understands the Mercedes EQS electric limousine is still at least a year away from arriving in European showrooms and may not make it to Australia until 2022.

According to European reports, there will be up to four versions of the Mercedes EQS, starting with a rear-drive entry model, two all-wheel-drive models with different power outputs and driving range, plus the possibility of a full-blown AMG version as a flagship.

While all of those plans are yet to be confirmed by Mercedes, the photos show the engineering and development work is already well underway.

While the camouflage has managed to contain most of the car’s secrets, several of the new images show the Mercedes EQS electric limousine has rear-wheel steering to reduce the turning circle in tight spots.

Mercedes already has one fully electric model on sale in Australia – the EQC, an electric SUV based on the conventional GLC but with a unique body.

The EQS, however, is the first production vehicle designed from the ground up by Mercedes to be purely an electric car – and not available with the option of internal combustion engines.

While the Mercedes EQC SUV is based on the company’s EVA 1.5 platform – which can be fitted with electric, petrol or diesel powertrains – the EQS limousine is based on the new EVA 2.0 platform and is available purely as an electric car.

A spokesperson for Mercedes-Benz declined to comment on the spy photos or speculate whether the Mercedes EQS would eventually be sold in Australia.

However, Mercedes-Benz executives in Stuttgart have previously said the company plans to roll out 10 pure electric cars globally by the end of 2023 – and local representatives have said there are plans to introduce seven pure electric cars in Australian showrooms in the same time frame.

CarAdvice believes the Mercedes group electric cars we may miss out on could be the high-priced compact Smart cars, which are set to switch to all electric power in the near future.

In the meantime, here’s a brief test drive of the Mercedes EQS concept car (pictured above):