It doesn't take much to imagine the new electric 500 hatch in a hot form, but it sure looks the business.
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Fiat's new-generation 500 hatch will be sold exclusively in electric 500e form, which will be a delight to many, but what about fans of the existing Abarth 595 hottie?

Fiat and its performance arm Abarth have yet to offer diehards any word of an electrified performance-focused 500, but with the regular 500e claiming a mere 9-second sprint to 100km/h… there is certainly room for a hero hatch.

The speculative rendering shown at the top of this article, produced by X-Tomi Design, offers a straightforward look at how Abarth's familiar design language could translate to the new electric hatch.

Above: the new 500e in its regular form

It certainly wouldn't be a direct replacement for the 595 we know and (mostly) love, but a lower and more powerful version of the new 500e electric hatch would surely win fans – albeit, perhaps a new generation of fans.

If it can be packaged right, with a battery bigger than the 500e's standard 42kWh unit, it could pack some real punch. Add an electric motor to the rear end, since we're fantasising, and you've got an even more powerful all-wheel-drive hatch.

Let's have it, Abarth!