Owners of classic Porsches can now add the latest infotainment technology to their older cars.
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German sports car maker Porsche is making sure owners of its classic cars are not left in the dark ages when it comes to infotainment and connectivity.

Porsche Classic Communications Management (PCCM) is a bolt-in replacement infotainment system that modernises the stereos of older models while not looking out of place.

Given many owners of classic Porsches use their cars as part time commuters, this new system will help avoid the sacrilege of installing an ugly, aftermarket stereo in the beautiful interior of a classic 911 (an example of which is pictured below).

The main aim of the new infotainment system is to bring modern convenience and technology to older cars – without ruining the original dash. It means owners of classic Porsches won't need to live without some of life's modern luxuries when enjoying their older cars.

Porsche Classic have developed two differently sized PCCM products:

  • PCCM - a 1-DIN sized unit, with a 3.5” touch screen, Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth and DAB+, and
  • PCCM Plus - a 2-DIN sized unit, with a high-resolution 7” touchscreen, Apple CarPlay, Andriod Auto and SD card playback.

DIN stands for Duetch Industri Normen, which was the name given to the standardised stereo opening found in a car's interior. A 2-DIN, or “double DIN”, is the same width as a single, just double the height.

As these are Porsche-approved solutions, they are designed to retain all original speakers, amplifiers and original stereo ancillary equipment.

The new Porsche Classic Communication Management system is now available at all official Porsche Centres across Australia. The smaller PCCM unit costs $2,643, and larger PCCM Plus unit $2,968. Both of these prices exclude fitting.