An inconvenient coincidence has prompted the British marque to rename one of the options on its new electric model.
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Mini has been forced to change the name of a wheel option offered on its first all-electric car, the Mini Cooper SE, due to an unfortunate coincidence related to the coronavirus crisis.

The distinctive 17-inch light alloy wheels – offered as an optional trim on the electric model and pictured above and below – are called the 'Corona Spoke', a name chosen long before the global pandemic took hold.

As a result, Mini said it will be changing the wheel option's name to 'Power Spoke' out of sensitivity for those who have faced hardship as a result of the health crisis.

"The name of the wheel design that is available on the Mini Cooper SE with the Iconic trim level has been changed from 'Corona Spoke' to 'Power Spoke,'" a Mini spokesperson told US auto publication CarBuzz.

"This was done to ensure Mini remains sensitive to all those experiencing the widespread impacts of Covid-19.

"Although the name of this wheel design was in place a good time prior to the current pandemic, we're making sure all marketing and consumer communications materials are being updated to reflect the new name of this wheel design. It's simply the right thing to do."

According to a 2019 press release, the optional asymmetrical 'Corona Spoke' wheels are exclusive to the Mini Cooper SE, meaning the effect of the name change will be limited to that model alone.

The two-tone wheels were to designed to have an "aerodynamically optimised surface", Mini said in the release.

The Mini Cooper SE is due to arrive in Australia from July and the British brand has previously suggested it will be priced lower than an equivalent Cooper S, suggesting a local starting price of around $45,000.

Mini Australia has confirmed to CarAdvice that the name change will also apply locally.