Formula One cars are not likely to return to Melbourne until next year, according to officials.
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The Australian Formula One Grand Prix is unlikely to be revived this year in the wake of global COVID-19 lockdowns causing massive interruptions to the 2020 championship season.

In an exclusive interview with Auto Action magazine published today, the CEO of the Australian Grand Prix Corporation, Andrew Westacott, said: “You soon come to the conclusion it’s a costly, impractical exercise. Now we have always never said ‘never’, but you look at it in a logical fashion and it appears an unreasonable scenario.”

In his first extended interview since the opening round of the 2020 Formula One season was cancelled on the eve of the March event due to the global pandemic – and after a number of F1 team members fell ill to the virus – the AGP boss told Auto Action magazine there is a possibility Melbourne could be part of a merged 2020-2021 season.

“That’s one of a myriad scenarios,” Mr Westacott told Auto Action magazine. “First and last (on the calendar) are both very sought after positions.”

The Australian F1 boss told Auto Action magazine permanent race circuits had an advantage in being able to participate in a revived season because of the cost and time involved to assemble and disassemble the infrastructure for road circuits such as Melbourne’s Albert Park.

“If you are going to have to conduct races with a changed schedule that’s much easier to achieve in venues that are built and homologated for permanent Formula One racing,” Mr Westacott told Auto Action magazine.

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