Elon Musk reveals more details about the much-hyped all-electric Tesla Cybertruck. We still want to know if it really will look like this.
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Tesla CEO Elon Musk has shared more details about the electric carmaker's much-anticipated Cybertruck, revealing the production version of the electric utility will be smaller than the prototype and will be able to "float" on water.

The Cybertruck made its debut in prototype form in November 2019, boasting a large stainless steel and armoured glass body that was roughly 5.4m long, 2m wide and 1.9m tall.

But now Musk has revealed that when the car enters production in 2021, it will be roughly 3 per cent smaller than the prototype and will feature some design tweaks to the centre line and window sill height.

"Reduced size by ~3%, center line is more level & lower window sill height," Musk tweeted when asked what the biggest changes from prototype to production Cybertruck would be.

Musk said these alterations would impact the Cybertruck's interior space slightly.

"Maybe 1.5 per cent change to interior dimensions. Still very roomy," he tweeted.

The South-African-born entrepreneur fielded additional questions about the utility's capabilities on Twitter, revealing to his followers the vehicle will receive an "all new" air suspension system that will be distinct from the existing system in the Model X and S.

"We’re working on increasing dynamic air suspension travel for better off-roading. Needs to kick butt in Baja," Musk said.

Musk also said the Cybertruck would receive a heat pump like the one in the Model Y, which improves the efficiency by generating extra heat in order to maintain range for Tesla owners living in colder climates.

Owners will also be able to "wrap" the Cybertruck in "any colour or pattern", Musk said, suggesting the Cybertruck won't have any paint options and will instead give owners the option to essentially decal their car in order to individualise it.

Whether this wrapping will be offered as a Tesla factory option remains to be seen.

One of the more unexpected revelations from Musk's Twitter Q&A was his claim the Cybertruck will be able to "float" on water.

The Tesla boss shared the detail when responding to a follower who asked about the Cybertruck's wading depth and whether it will be able to "cross streams" without sustaining any damage.

"Yes. It will even float for a while," Musk responded, without elaborating.

Given the Tesla co-founder has previously spoken about the Cybertruck's design being "partly influenced" by the submarine car from the 1977 James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me, the floating revelation has prompted some to ponder whether the Cybertruck may be able to function as a boat.

In 2013, Musk actually purchased the Lotus Esprit used in the film for £616,000 (roughly AU$1.2 million), with plans to convert it to a fully functioning submarine car.

Claims about the Cybertruck's performance remain unchanged, with the vehicle apparently capable of up to 500 miles (804km) of range between charges, 3500 pounds (1587kg) of payload capacity, towing capability of over 14,000 pounds (6350kg) and a 0-96km/h sprint time of 2.9 seconds.

Recently, crowd-sourced data gauging global interest in the Cybertruck revealed Australia to be the biggest market outside North America for incoming Tesla vehicle.

Australians are currently able to pre-order a Cybertruck on the Tesla Australia website for a fee of $150, but local pricing and delivery dates remain unconfirmed.