Two drivers from opposite sides of the world give a new meaning to the term 'off-roading'.
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Suzuki cars have been the subject two separate viral videos this month, with a Suzuki Jimny caught using a pedestrian bridge to make a U-turn in China, while a Suzuki Swift in Poland was captured flying through the air in a mind-blowing roundabout accident.

Footage of the Suzuki Jimny incident in China was posted to YouTube on April 8, showing the tiny off-roader slowly traversing the stairs of a pedestrian overpass after its driver missed their turnoff on a motorway in the country's Xinjiang province.

In the same week, CCTV footage of a car accident involving a Suzuki Swift in Poland surfaced on Facebook, capturing the compact hatch flying through the air after its owner failed to slow down – or turn – while approaching a roundabout.

The Jimny driver managed to make it to the top of the stairs before he was reportedly intercepted by police and fined 200 yuan (AU$44.55), according to the South China Morning Post.

The pedestrian bridge is said to have had a weight limit of 1000kg, while third-generation Jimny like the one in the video weigh about 985kg, which could have exceeded the weight limit of the footbridge with the added weight of occupants.

Meanwhile, the driver of the Suzuki Swift in Poland was lucky to escape their incident alive, after they sped into a raised roundabout in the village of Rąbień, vaulting the car into the air as a result.

According to local authorities, the Suzuki Swift collided with a number of buildings in a nearby cemetery before it landed on the ground in a crumpled heap. According to local media reports, firefighters had to cut open what remained of the crashed vehicle, to rescue the conscious driver.

Local police said the man smelled strongly of alcohol and was taken for a blood test.

While the CCTV footage didn't capture the Swift's descent, police shared a photo of the aftermath of the accident showing the car to be, unsurprisingly, a write-off.

In Australia, the Suzuki Swift has a 2017 ANCAP rating of five stars for all variants except the base GL variant, which has a four-star rating.

When tested in 2018, the Suzuki Jimny received an ANCAP safety rating of three stars.