Sources recently told CarAdvice that a number of car makers would not be included in the upcoming Sydney Motor Show lineup. Some of the companies opting not to present at the show are big names in the industry too.
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Although the definite list is yet to be finalised, sources tell us that the following makes will not show at the event:

- Bentley
- Bugatti
- Chrysler
- Citroen
- Dodge
- Ferrari
- Fiat
- Jeep
- Mini
- Rolls Royce

This is a huge disappointment for all us enthusiasts who were looking forward to getting up close and personal with some of the latest models.

With the Paris Show just around the corner, could it be that manufacturers are more focused on that? Well, we thought we'd speak to one of the biggest names on the list who are not going, BMW Australia, in the hope of retrieving some possible answers why. Product communications manager of BMW, Michelle Lang, simply said that the timing of the show didn't match up with its major launches this year.

It is unfortunate though that many of our car companies won't be perpetuating the good old family day out that is the Australian Motor Show. Loads of other manufacturers will be there though. Look out for our detailed Sydney Motor Show preview prior to the event which kicks off on October 15.