An angry Tesla customer has published footage highlighting faults on their brand-new car.
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A video by a disgruntled US owner of a Tesla Model Y has gone viral, after revealing examples of poor fit, finish and build quality of the just-released vehicle.

The video – posted to YouTube and Reddit by the owner earlier this week – highlighting several problems with the Tesla Model Y that was recently delivered to their home.

Among the list of complaints: frayed and marked headlining material, scratches on interior panels that appear to have been touched-up, a faulty electric hatch, and a scratched wheel.

Although not shown in the footage, the owner also claims the Tesla Model Y was received with a dent in both of the rear fenders and scratches on a passenger seat. The owner is unsure whether the damage occurred on the production line or during delivery of the vehicle.

“All of these are from [my] single car,” the owner said.

“Tesla really should not have let the car leave the factory or the service centre with these issues.”

Due to reduced operations at Tesla’s workshops during COVID-19, the brand has told the buyer they will need to wait until normal operation resumes for the problems to be remedied, however has not given a timeframe.

“The car was dropped off in my driveway with these issues, I notified [Tesla] within 24 hours and I tried to make an appointment with the service centre,” the buyer said. “They cancelled it because of COVID-19.”

Above: a scraped wheel and marked headliner

The Model Y buyer claims Tesla replied to the complaint after being sent a link to the Reddit thread.

“Due to the pandemic, we are only taking in safety/emergency concerns with customer vehicles,” a Tesla US representative told the buyer.

“I unfortunately don’t have an exact date to give you since we don’t know when everything will resume to normal operations ... We will resolve all issues with your vehicle when it arrives for your service appointment.”

Tesla commenced US delivery of the Model Y in March of this year, roughly six months ahead of schedule.

The buyer’s complaints come only weeks after renowned car-building expert Sandy Munro began disassembling a Model Y, praising the progress Tesla has made with its build quality since the Model 3.