This artist impression looks at the inevitable zero-emissions future of Porsche’s most iconic model, with some help from the Taycan.
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Porsche has repeatedly said its iconic 911 sports car will be the last model in its range to go fully electric, but that didn’t stop us from rendering what it could look like.

The artist’s impression shown above – created by yours truly – blends the svelte shape of the current 992-generation 911 Carrera Cabriolet with the front fascia and 20-inch aero wheels from Porsche’s first electric vehicle, the Taycan.

The result is a sleek, two-door drop-top sports car that provides the full Porsche dynamic experience with the environmental benefits and instant torque of an electric vehicle, without the weight compromise associated with lugging the Taycan’s boot and extra set of doors.

A zero-emission 911 provides the perfect opportunity to revive a familiar nameplate from the 911’s storied past: 911E.

With the 560kW, dual-motor powertrain from the Taycan Turbo S fitted, we envision the 911E as Stuttgart’s answer to the upcoming Tesla Roadster, next-gen BMW i8 or even the Lotus Evija hypercar.

Sadly (or fortunately, depending on your opinion on EVs), while our rendering might look relatively realistic and production-ready, overseas reports suggest the 911 wouldn’t make the switch to electric propulsion until at least 2030, before which the Macan, Panamera, Cayenne and 718 Cayman/Boxster duo would all have to lose their internal-combustion engines.

Better start saving.