Another car to make its debut at the upcoming Paris Motor Show will be this Peugeot EX1 concept, which has supposedly broken a few acceleration records.
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Lets take a look at the design firstly, as there's a few interesting ones within this concept. Most noticeable is the uneven, inverted, front and rear track dimensions. The two rear back wheels are slung together on a motorbike-like rear swing arm arrangement, and displace a much narrower track than the front. This gives the car that water drop shape - also referred to as the most aerodynamic shape known to man - so it's very slippery especially with an overall eight of 90mm.

The next interesting element to this design is the seats and doors, because they are both the same thing. That's right, the driver and the passenger sit in the doors. A bit like sitting in the door map pockets, the seats are mounted inside the doors which are then mounted on a reverse-opening hinge. Once you're seated you sort of just, close yourself in... not handy if you want to express emotions of anger to someone by slamming your door shut before you drive off.

The other interesting element to this car is the engines. It's powered by two 125kW electric motors which equal to 250kW. As the car weighs just under 1000kg, it means acceleration is one of its strong cards. The car is apparently capable of doing the 0-100km/h sprint in just 3.55 seconds with sources claiming a dead 3.0 seconds flat could be achievable with optimum settings. There's also talk of a 260km/h top speed.

If there ever was a top ten list of the coolest electric cars that have been built, then this would have to go somewhere up near the top of that list.

As mentioned, the car will debut at the Paris Show in a couple of weeks. We'll bring you more images and details then. Hopefully they release a video of its capabilities at some stage too.