It's not very common for Bentley to find something wrong with its cars, especially after all that fine-tooth combing and engineering. Bentley has issued a recall though for all of its Bentley Arnage range, including the Arnage T, Arnage R, Arnage RL, Arnage Final Series, Azure and Brooklands, made between October 2006 and March 2009.
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The recall was issued because of a corrosion issue with the 'Flying B' hood ornament that pokes up through the front tip of the car. Rust, of all concerns, is blamed for a possible lack of operation of the retracting Flying B mechanism which could become stuck. Doesn't sound like much of a problem, unless you're a pedestrian.

Bentley cars are fitted with a safety device which suddenly retracts the hood ornament in the event of the front end being struck by an object. The pointy ornament is swiftly sucked down into the bodywork, thus removing the chance of unlucky pedestrians becoming tangled and receiving nasty damage.

Bentley says owners of the affected cars will receive a letter advising them to take their cars into the nearest Bentley dealer to have the ornament replaced with a newer, rust-free version free of charge.