Mazda has made it into the record books in Germany by forming and maintaining a continuous parade of 459 Mazda MX-5s driving along. The achievement was entered into the Guinness Book of World Records and surpassed the former record by 210 cars.
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The record-breaking collection of cars was formed on the grounds of UNESCO Zollverein World Heritage site in Essen, Germany, where enthusiasts from all over the world came to take part in the event, and make up the numbers.

President and CEO Mazda Motor Europe, Jeff Guyton, commented on the event and the achievement in a recent report, saying,

"The excitement leading up to this event was amazing. Over 600 MX-5 owners applied to take part; so many that we didn’t have room for them all because of technical reasons. The event, the parade, the many visitors – Mazda MX-5 showed today why it’s still one of the best-loved sports cars on the planet."

Interesting awards were also handed out at the event, highlighting various achievements made by Mazda MX-5 owners. Because cars came from all around the world, reports say around 17 countries, an award was given out to the owner who had traveled the longest distance to the event. This went to a group of nine cars who had come 2800km from Moscow, Russia, just to take part in the event.

Other awards included the MX-5 with the highest odometre reading. This went to a car from Switzerland that had 344,624km on the clock. There was also a Beauty Parking lot that contained some of the most stunning MX-5 examples, and then an award was given to the most beautiful. A draw also gave away a brand new 20th Anniversary Edition Mazda MX-5.

The event was a great achievement for Mazda and it proves the MX-5 is a very successful and highly popular model that will surely be a classic in the future. Over 850,000 models have been sold since its introduction in 1989.