Citroen has released information and images on its bizarre new concept called the Citroen Lacoste prior to its Paris Show debut. And yes, it is related to the Lacoste clothing brand.
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The French have a history of creating abstract art work and, similarly, out-there car designs which they launch at cars shows. Particularly at their own car shows. At the Paris Motor Show in a couple of weeks, Citroen will debut this co-developed Lacoste, Citroen Lacoste Concept.

Designed to 'allude leisure and pleasure' the Concept exhibits a very active platform. It can't really be categorised as your typical softroader, not with a lack of front doors anyhow. And it certainly isn't classed as a city runabout, since the windscreen can be electronically lowered completely out of sight.

It's more of an environmentally friendly moon buggy for Earth. One of the main focuses taken on board during design was lightness too, an element not usually applied to moon-going cars.

The interior is very in touch with nature so to speak, it's all about fresh air inside. The roof isn't really a roof, it's more of a structural necessity. It can be 'spread' though to provide some shielding from the not-so-friendly elements through the use of an innovative automatic inflatable cover which expands outwards.

Using a three cylinder petrol engine to trundle about, the concept isn't so much about having fun by means of outright power but more about having fun by enjoying the outdoors in a quirky and playful four-seat manner.

Expect to see plenty of attention paid to this joyful little hopper at Paris in a couple of weeks.