BMW has released images of what is likely to be the next generation BMW 6 Series - the 2012 BMW 6 Series Concept - prior to its Paris Motor Show unveiling in a couple of weeks. The new images show the rear of the car which, as suspected from recent spy videos, shows BMW designers have rid the controversial boot bump.
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BMW's previous design chief Chris Bangle was replaced in 2009 by Adrian van Hooydonk who has evidently changed the company's design language. For better or worse? Only time will tell. We, for one, think the new design is very sleek and modern yet it sticks with the BMW heritage of remaining excess-free.

The new car is said to be based on the new 5 Series platform, like the previous generation was based on the previous 5 Series, and should come with a range of engines and transmissions shared on the new 5 Series. This means everything from a 3.0-litre turbo diesel to a range-topping twin turbo V8. Then there'll also be an M6 variant which will share the new BMW M5 driveline.

Cosmetically, the car includes a number of modern touches like full-LED headlights, smoothed rear and boot line and a more pronounced 'cheek bone' and wider chin.

The interior of the new concept appears to be highly luxurious and welcoming but also very open, letting in loads of natural lighting.

From the passenger side the dash droops to the driver's side and wraps the driver around in a blanket of light rustic shades. On the centre fascia, there's plenty of modern black and stainless steel surfaces surrounding the controls. There's also a new steering wheel, which fits well with the rest of the interior's design language.

Although this vehicle is just a 'concept', speculators are saying this will be very similar to the production version. BMW hasn't released any dimensions on the concept though, we'll have to wait for the show to compare new to old.