New international compliance requirements force a halt on planned humour program.
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APRIL 1, 2020: Australia’s largest automotive publisher regrets to inform that the planned release of the 2020 April Fool Joke has been pushed back to accommodate new regulatory standards for humour compliance.

The Federal Automotive League for Standards in Entertainment now requires a ‘read the room’ light to enable new jokes to qualify for a five-star laugh rating. Without the light, any gag can only achieve a maximum of three-stars, even when timing and delivery are above acceptable international standards.

As jokes are now forced to deal with heightened sensitivity, the ‘read the room’ light removes the risk of a joke to be delivered with potential tastelessness and provides an ability for quality to amplify from a mild chortle to outright hilarity.

The CarAdvice team commitment to quality April Fool humor is paramount, and so our Laugh Assurance department will review the new testing criteria in preparation for a revised launch on 1 October 2020.

CarAdvice is aware some jokes may surface elsewhere in the market, in contravention of this gag order. However, it is our understanding these non-compliant jokes will fail to achieve greater than the mandated three-star rating. CarAdvice remains committed to achieving the highest standards in humour.

CarAdvice has previously launched a number of five-star April Fool Jokes, and the next generation prank plans to build on that established humour platform with the inclusion of additional satire and whimsy. A higher level of jocularity has also been added as standard for 2020.

We apologise for any inconvenience in the delay in the arrival of the joke and look forward to delivering an exceptional five-star chuckle later in the year.

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