Opel Meriva EV spied testing

Recently captured undergoing testing in Austria, these electric vehicles are a joint development project by Opel, Bosch and Mercedes-Benz. The vehicles are based on the Opel Meriva.
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Opel initially started the project, called Meregio, but it has since expanded to include other German industries to further the development and applied level of technology.

There is little visual difference between these largely electric-based vehicles and the normal Opel Meriva, except for the lack of exhaust pipes coming out from behind.

The team were apparently testing the cars and the battery packs under high-load driving conditions, in this case, up the Austrian alps, and then were analysing the regenerative capabilities back down the hill.

They were also testing how much energy is actually required when driving up mountain roads. Here we see the cars being recharged back to full capacity in their garage before making their way back up the mountain again.

We're not completely sure of the specific details or possible release dates but, as usual, we'll keep you updated.