Walkinshaw Performance Supercar Mk2

There are a lot of good reasons to head to this year’s Australian International Motor Show (AIMS) and one of those would be to see a brand new limited edition car from Walkinshaw Performance, dubbed the Walkinshaw Performance Supercar Mk2.
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Exclusivity and collector status is guaranteed with just 23 cars on the production schedule.

The Supercar Mk2 is a tribute to the unveiling of the original Walkinshaw car at the 1987 Sydney International Motor Show.

As you might expect with the “Supercar” badge, this is no additional sticker pack or badge, but a package of brand new Walkinshaw Performance enhancements that will surely mean that this thing will be quick.

National Sales and Marketing Manager at Walkinshaw Performance, Tony Harris said, “Our limited-edition pack will showcase a range of new and unique Walkinshaw Performance enhancements, featuring something very special under the bonnet, a new suspension upgrade, audio upgrade, brake and wheel package, and much more”

While more information on this special car will be revealed on the opening day of the show, it will most certainly be an attention grabber.