The tiny, one-of-a-kind utility boasts a hefty price tag.
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Those looking for a tiny off-roader with a whole lot of grunt will now have their specific needs catered to thanks to a French auto house that's given the classic Mini Moke a one-of-a-kind V8 update.

Custom vehicle maker Lazareth has crafted a one-off prototype in tribute to the 1960s-era, all-terrain utility, kitting its version out with a 4.7-litre Maserati V8 engine capable of generating 343kW and 520Nm.

Built around an aluminium chassis and riding on 17-inch aluminium wheels, the so-called Mini V8 M also only weighs 850kg.

All images courtesy of Lazareth.

And it could be yours for the small sum of 140,000 euros, or AU$250,674 (that's about 12 times the price of a regular Mini Moke, for your reference).

In keeping with its original predecessor, Lazarus has maintained the beloved buggy's characteristically minimalist interior and hasn't added any modern driver-assist systems – it has a speedometer and that's about it.

Lazareth, which typically specialises in building amphibious Mokes (producing around 10 a year), says the Mini V8 M is designed solely for private use, or for film or advertising purposes, given it isn't street-legal.

It's also important to note that, unlike Lazareth's previous Mini Mokes, this V8 version is not amphibious, so any potential owners shouldn't go plunging it into the tides of their local beach.

First manufactured by the British Motor Corporation (BMC) in 1964, the Mini Moke was produced in Australia all the way up to 1982.

If you're interested in hearing what the Mini V8 M sounds like on the road, you can have a listen in the video below.