Ford’s FPV GT and GS - the wraps are off

Hot on the heels of our sneak peak of FPV’s 335 GT, are some photos just sent to us, of what should be the two the best cars to ever wear an FPV badge.
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Both the 335 GT and GS models will make their debut at this year’s Australian International Motor Show in Sydney and Ford’s FPV stand, may well end up the most popular destination at the show, if these spy pics from ford forums are anything to go by.

Both variants look sensational and FPV engines developed by the local arm of the ‘go fast’ engineering gurus Prodrive, power both cars.

While the 335 kW GT produces 570 Nm of torque, the GS variant makes do with a none too shabby 315 kW and 545 Nm version of the lightweight supercharged ‘Coyote’ V8 engines.

Not only are these engines more powerful than ever before, they are also more fuel-efficient and therefore produce less-emissions.

FPV spent $40 million on the engine programme with Prodrive and the word is that it was money well spent.

Each engine is in fact hand assembled locally by FPV and that includes the Eaton TVS supercharger which was developed by Melbourne based Harrop Engineering.

The Prodrive Asia-Pacific boss, Bryan Mears said, “It’s important to realise just Australian these engines are.”

“Although the basis of the engine is imported, all the components utilised in the supercharged configuration are locally-sourced and the engines are completely hand made by the team at FPV in Melbourne.”

Mr Mears also said that the engine note sounds like the business.

Can’t wait, in the meantime enjoy the pics.