Hyundai has picked up a couple of awards in Germany regarding the new Hyundai ix35, more specifically, it's picked up TÜV (Technical Inspection Association) NORD certificates in recognition of its environmental achievements.
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It's generally accepted as a rule of thumb that anything Germany approves of, especially when talking about efficiency and the environment, normally means it's beyond most expectations. The Hyundai ix35 has just been presented by the TÜV NORD a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) certificate and a Design for Environment (DfE) certificate. To gain these certificates, a car must undergo strict inspections.

For the first certificate (LCA) the organisation takes into account all factors about the car that contribute to damaging the environment. And not just by looking at what comes out the exhaust pipe, but also the manufacturing process that each car is subjected to, including the materials used and measures taken which help the car produce low emissions. So even if it's a hybrid model, TÜV NORD take into account what it took to make the car. If each car requires the chopping down of multiple forests, then the car will score badly. Not so in this case.

The DfE certificate takes into account more of the development and manufacturing processes and how environmentally-friendly the production factory is. This includes inspection of waste management methods and how effective the technology is in the production facility. TÜV NORD has especially noted Hyundai's initiative use of water-soluble painting procedures. These are used to minimise hydrocarbon emissions.

This is the second time this year that Hyundai has received some sort of accolade from a reputable German organisation. Just a few months ago, Hyundai picked up Best Quality Award judged by one of Germany's most credible motoring magazines, Autobild.

The Hyundai ix35 is among a very small list of cars which have been awarded both the LCA and DfE certificates in the past few years too, and certainly the only SUV.