Germans the first to offer a glimpse of what we can expect from the new engineering and architecture alliance between Volkswagen and Ford.
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A first look at the upcoming 2022 Volkswagen Amarok has been handed down, hinting at a meaner design for its second generation.

Developed in partnership with Ford, the new Amarok ute will take most of its engineering and architecture from the Ranger project – while Volkswagen takes the lead on vans for both companies.

The Amarok's familiar boxy look appears set to continue with the new model, while the front end takes its cues from models like the Tiguan and T-Roc SUVs.

Interestingly, there is an almost Mitsubishi Triton-like 'Dynamic Shield' look to the lower half of the fascia (Triton shown below).

Little new has been revealed about the Volkswagen and Ford tie-up since its initial announcement in 2019, but the German manufacturer's Australian arm has – unsurprisingly – expressed huge interest in the new ute.


Above: The facelifted Triton, and the current Ranger and Amarok models.

Speaking with CarAdvice last year, local Volkswagen commercial vehicles boss Ryan Davies said: "It's a good story for us, the fact that we've got a global alliance with Ford on three key products, and having key influences from the Australian market in the development of the Amarok and the Ranger success is a really good news story for both customers of Ford and ourselves. We're pretty excited about the prospects there."

Late last year, it was revealed the Amarok would not form part of Volkswagen's massive electrification strategy in the immediate future.

"At the moment this type of car is not planned to electrify," Volkswagen brand chief Ralf Brandstatter told CarAdvice in Frankfurt.

With the new Amarok expected to launch sometime in 2022 or 2023, we should expect to see a trickle of official details, leaks and spy photos surface over the coming years.