More than 18,000 Australian cars are included in the recall.
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Kia Australia has issued a recall of 18,091 of its Carnival and Sorento models affected by an electrical issue that may result in a fire.

The issue extends to model year 2006-2010 Carnival 'VQ' (of which 14,803 vehicles are affected) and 2006-2009 Sorento 'BL' models (of which 3288 vehicles are affected).

Affected models were available for sale between 1 December 2005 to 31 December 2010.

Lodged with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), the defect relates to the Hydraulic Electronic Control Unit (HECU) that can remain electrically-live even after the vehicle has been turned off.

If moisture enters the unit, an electric short circuit can occur, possibly creating an engine compartment fire that may increase risk of injury to vehicle occupants and other road users.

The HECU controls vehicle safety systems such anti-lock braking, electronic stability control and traction control, however CarAdvice has been able to confirm the risk only extends to a fire hazard and that these features cannot be compromised prematurely by moisture as the unit has inbuilt fail-safe mechanisms.

Above: 2007 Kia Sorento

Above: 2008 Kia Carnival

Kia is recalling the models preemptively and at the time of publishing there had been no reports of fire.

Kia Australia is contacting all known owners of affected vehicles. The company also suggests owners should call a dealer to arrange for inspection and repair of the vehicle.

Replacement parts are expected in July 2020 and Kia will contact owners again upon their arrival. In the interim, Kia asks that owners park their vehicles outside and away from structures and other vehicles.

A full list of vehicle identification numbers of Carnival models included in the recall can be found here.

Vehicle identification numbers for Sorento models included in the recall can be found here.

If you believe your vehicle might be affected, call Kia Motors Australia on 13 15 42.